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Email campaigns generate a ROI more than four times higher than other marketing formats

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Benefits of email campaigns

Client segmentation and personalized messages

The more personal, the better. Even with a large database, you can send very personalized emails with the push of a button.

Real-time communication

In contrast with print campaigns, the delivery of electronic mail will reach their destination very fast, without additional costs.

Opt-out possibility

You certainly know campaigns you never wanted to receive. In the case of email campaigns, your clients have full control on their listing in your database.

Results monitoring

Who has seen your message, when, from where, did they click, how many sales did the email generate – you can measure each and every detail.

The Style Guide

Almost of the same importance of a professional logo is the style guide. This offers consistency to your visual identity and establishes the guidelines for the appropriate usage of your logo in any given context.

What does email marketing include?

We evaluate your business and propose an email marketing strategy
We keep your database up to date and well structured
We make sure every message respects your quality standard
We monitor and inform you of the results of each campaign

Why should I choose Webvolution
for email marketing?


We have proven we deserve our client’s trust


We apply custom strategies for every business


We focus on delivering qualitative leads for conversion


We provide periodic transparent reports


We are really awesome

You want to grow.
We’re here to help.

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