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The accelerated technological progress seems to be a well-grasped concept already. We are convinced of the benefits which were brought to us by electronic calendars, real-time maps and other apps with every-day impact. At the same time, however, the integration and development of customized technical solutions for businesses doesn’t seem to be as wide-spreaded. Especially in the case of SMEs, personalized app development can offer a major competitive advantage.

At Webvolution, we develop user-friendly web apps.

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Advantages of online applications

No installation needed

The only requirement for having access to a web application is internet connection. You do not have to run any installation kit since pages load online in a browser.

Multi-platform compatibility

Web applications can be accessed from any device, without operating systems constraints, screen resolution issues or other similar aspects.

Reusable entities management

Generating documents in which you can use data that was previously stored as well as receiving smart reports are one click away.

Behaviour analysis

In an online setting, all visitor’s behaviour is easily monitored. There are endless options for understanding the way in which users engage with a web app.

When offering our cloud app development service,

We gather as much information as we can to fully understand your business
We set the technologies and/or platforms to be used
We present three different style options
We develop the frontend of the newly created app
We code the application logic based on the initial requirements
We enhance and implement the selected option
We listen to your client’s feedback
We launch the project making sure we have checked its quality
Optionally, we develop compatible mobile app

Why should I choose Webvolution
for web & cloud app development?


We are skilled at both the visual and technical fields


We follow a clear and efficient design process


We have launched apps using multiple PHP frameworks (i.e. Laravel), as well as cloud services (i.e. Google App Engine)


We understand the importance of web security


We are really awesome

Our logo was born by combining our ideas with the suggestions received from Webvolution. We are very proud to be represented by such an adequate logo for our business. Based on our experience with the team, we highly recommend their services.

Lari Muntean
Desiderio Quintet

Creating the perfect logo nowadays gives anyone a hard time. Harder still is to keep it simple. Webvolution managed both.

Costin Berbecaru

You want to grow.
We’re here to help.

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